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Our History

The History of The Coker Ranch


The Coker Ranch was started in the late 1970's for the purpose of breeding, showing, and selling purebred Black Angus cattle.

The first step was to visit ranches and breeding operations all over the United States to select young cows with the proper genetics in order to create a world class breeding operation.


Over the next several years, we visited Angus cattle operations to study their breeding programs and cattle genetics. There are over 20,000 registered Black Angus farms and ranches in the United States. And we visited the more well known: from a small farmer in Florida, to the larger Eckard Ranch in South Dakota, to Mel Gibson's ranch in Montana, to Julie Andrew's ranch in Hawaii.


Then we selected the young cows from these ranches to begin the Coker breeding herd. These cows came with a genetic pedigree and family tree. From this information, we developed our breeding program.


Our goal was to produce bulls that could win in the show ring and be used in other breeding programs, or sold to the commercial rancher who had thousands of cattle and wanted fresh breeding stock.


By the early 1980s, we were ready to show the results of our progress and we took to the show road. We put together a show team of about ten cows and bulls and two cowboys. They hit all the big cattle shows in Kentucky, Texas, and Colorado. We also competed in the state fair in Columbia, South Carolina.


After a few years we started taking several first place ribbons. Then in 1983, our cow Lucky Lady won the prestigious Triple Crown. She was a Grand Champion cow at competitions in Louisville, Denver, and Dallas. In all the show history there have been only 6 Triple Crown winners, and many ranches immediately wanted a calf from her. This Coker Ranch-raised cow was the largest registetered Black Angus cow in recorded history. She was over six feet tall. She eventually sold at auction for $140,000.


We started an embryo transfer facility and put Lucky Lady there with ten of our other top cows. Soon we were producing embryos as $10,000 each.


Coker Ranch was also the home of the Melco Miss America Black Angus Heifer Show. Each state would have a contest to choose the best heifer in the state. Then all 50 heifers would come here to the Coker Ranch for the Miss America contest. A panel of celebrity judges would then choose the ten runner-ups and run a computer analysis of all the votes; a Miss America Heifer would then be selected from the ten finalists.

Bert Parks was the master of ceremonies; this was the same Bert Parks who did the real Miss America show.


The Coker Ranch has a renowned history of entertaining guests from all over the world, as well as providing entertainment events in preparation for a cattle auction.


Even though The Coker Ranch is no longer used for cattle programs, the owners of this breathtaking place still want to keep it open so that you can enjoy it just as much as their family, their guests, and they themselves have done.